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We are so thankful that God sent you to us and hope that all your hard work will continue to be rewarded with even greater success and the peace that comes with a job well done.

- Ron and Amy Romberger

JC, It is not just that you do things, it is the wonderful way you do them!

- Carol & Bob Fernandez

Her experience level was evident in sound advice on property improvements for sale, right pricing, effective marketing, timing on open houses, contract negotiations and navigating the escrow process.

- Jim Smith, Pasadena CA

Both my wife and I feel that during the process we gained not only an exemplary real estate agent and home, but also a good friend.

- John & Thelma Wright

We felt from early on that J.C. had our best interest at heart…even though she stood to gain nothing financially.

- Chris Umans and Tzu-Yi Chen

The residence had over 30 offers that fell through for various reasons. J.C.'s steadfast devotion to service and determination to see every detail through ended in a successful purchase. Her ability to think many steps beyond the seller and cover all possible scenarios with viable contingencies was exceptional.

- Neil La Sala

Simply put, JC was terrific. Although we were not easy people to work with - demanding, impatient and opinionated - JC was always a pleasure.

- Patricia & David Schwartz

Simplicity, patience, compassion. These three are your greatest treasures. Simple in actions and thoughts, you return to the source of being. Patient with both friends and enemies, you accord with the way things are. Compassionate toward yourself, you reconcile all beings in the world.

- Bob Kehrer, quoted from Tao Te Ching

I wanted to let you know how impressed I am with your impeccable communication, effectiveness, and general attention to detail.  You are clearly an Expert in this, and I very much appreciate what you are doing for us

- Julia Greer

JC is a dynamo! She gets things done and they are done right away.  She was very sensitive to the emotional trauma I was experiencing in selling my childhood home...I only wish she was in Northern California to handle all my future real estate transactions.

- Holly Hansen

There was always a lot of comfort knowing that you were behind the scenes working for us and we appreciate that you were there to walk us through all the ups and downs of buying a first home, especially in this marketplace.

- Alex & Rebecca Liu

JC recommended that I stage the property, which I now realize was a key component in how quickly it sold.

- Robert E. Johnson

JC, I just want to let you know how often we talk about what a great job you did for us and how in all the buying and selling experiences that we have had, no one even comes close to the job you do.  Wishing you the best,

- Emma Messenger

The impression we ultimately come away with is the deep respect J.C. holds for both the seller and the buyer, her understanding of the emotional component that goes into selling or buying a home, treating all parties with great sensitivity and kindness.

- Rich and Emma Messenger

She is a tough negotiator and is very effective in working the offer / counteroffer process as needed to maximize value for her client.

- Jim Smith, Pasadena CA

JC’s full service approach included bringing in a complete team of contractors / vendors who were well qualified, very reasonable on cost and delivered results on time.

- Jim Smith, Pasadena CA

As a general rule, I refuse requests for recommendation letters.  In JC’s case, I offered to write this one based upon her truly exceptional service and results.  I received 14 offers and closed escrow within 30 days from the listing date at 9.3% over a market valued asking price.

- Jim Smith, Pasadena CA

JC’s time and attention to detail here was way beyond the responsibilities of a real estate agent.

- Jim Smith, Pasadena CA

While J.C.'s analytical capabilities, hard work, and interpersonal skills are key to what she does, it is her character and outlook of life that distinguish her as a truly outstanding real estate agent...Real estate is more than just a business for her.

- Andrew and Carol Basile

We wanted to recognize the extraordinary job J.C. did. We feel very fortunate to have found an agent who truly went "above and beyond" in all facets of the process.

- Chris Umans and Tzu-Yi Chen

JC deftly turns the home you may have loved into a home everyone will love. She employs an impressive team of professionals, orchestrating a home makeover with ease and economy.  Her power lies in making your home a property you are proud to sell.

- Rich and Emma Messenger

JC is an angel. God sent her to Earth to help people.

- Shi-Ping Hsu

JC’s time and attention to detail here was way beyond the responsibilities of a real estate agent.

- Jim Smith, Pasadena CA